It started with Advent...

It started with Advent...

Last Fall, Pastors Stephanie Haskins and Kendra Thompson tried something out: a microblog to carry us through the season of Advent. We had a great readership! So we did it again - for Lent. This time, with guest voices, not just our own. First there was 'tiny advent,' then, 'tiny lent.' These 'tinies' just keep growing, so here we are - launching our website: tiny faith. Won't you join us?



Hi, I'm Stephanie! And I'm Kendra. And welcome to tiny faith!

Meet the curators of tiny faith: Stephanie Haskins and Kendra Thompson. A couple of clergy gals in Eastern Iowa who decided to take on blogging for Advent. What started out as a brief, seasonal commitment to daily writing has becoming a much bigger part of our ministries and our lives. Won't you join us on this tiny journey of faith?



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