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At tiny faith we look for work that is authentic, fresh, positive, but not afraid to delve into the struggle of real life. We consider ourselves progressive gals, but we are open to dialogue across the streams. We are currently a distinctly Christian e-zine, but there may be occasions for interfaith dialogue in the near future. We dig the Bible, but we don’t worship it. We love our churches, but we realize the kingdom of God expands beyond it, too.

Our submission period has closed, but watch for our upcoming blog series, 50 Professions of Faith, which begins right after Pentecost. Our primary interest in this series is stories of testimony. Who are you, how did you come to faith and how is that faith evolving or deepening? If you are interested in those questions, please stay tuned. Here's what's coming next:

Half a minute to Testify!            {short videos}

Tiny videos of faith “elevator speeches.” Meaning, if someone asks you what you believe, what do you say? Watch for these short videos that tell our stories of faith.

Finding Faith                    {microblog posts}

In 300-500 words, authors will describe their journeys of faith or snippets from it. One never knows where the Divine might be unexpectedly encountered.

How Great Thou ART   {visual or poetic submissions}

We realize not everyone wants to contain their entries to text based blog posts or full paragraphs. This category is for those whose most authentic expression of faith is best contained in visual art or poetry.

For future consideration of your submissions, please email them to along with a headshot, brief biography, and links to any publications, social networking sites or websites you want readers to know about. We accept Word documents, PDF files, texts and short smart phone videos.

Keep in mind…

Even though our submission period has closed, this is just the beginning. There will hopefully be many, many more opportunities to tell us about your faith.

<3        Pastors Stephanie Haskins and Kendra Thompson