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"divining rod" ~ guest contributor, Paul Soupiset

"divining rod" ~ guest contributor, Paul Soupiset


she trimmed the wicks and struck a match

and tried to light all three 

before the flame touched her fingers

one for the mother-father

one for the brother-son

one for the wild gosling

that once kept her young and traveling

she trimmed her hair that summer, sold locks for water.

she dowsed the lights near Dunguaire-hill, no ablutions,

crossed herself fore the schlag-ruthe wye, the willow-branch try:

once for the holy mother

once for polite joseph

once for the wailing baby

that bore the brunt

no water was found, no water of life, no spring for life,

just muddy seeping near the hillock base

no tunneling would form a pool, no puddle for her thirst

prayed to the mother-father

in the name of the brother-son

in the power of the wild gosling

that salve or quick death would come before winter



the kingdom of god is like a thirsty widow

near hidden springs entrapped in rock

and no dousing, no divining, no pacing will produce. 


And thou shalt take this rod in thine hand, 

wherewith thou shalt do signs

will the red sea, now parted, rejoin and desalinate? 



then, unexpectedly, 

water from the rock. 

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Paul Soupiset is an artist, graphic designer, illustrator, poet, editor, typophile, songwriter, liturgist, armchair theologian. Paul and his wife Amy make their home in San Antonio and have four awesome kids. Examples of Paul's illustration, paintings, and design, and his poetry books, can all be found at 

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