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The Gifts for God's People

The Gifts for God's People

With appreciation for first calls and oddballs


My eyes fall

on a snapshot, this

unusual candidate

for membership,

and I wonder:


does she really

want this gift?


In her I see 

a younger me

who owned

the non-descript;

wore a

botched buzzcut,

baggy pants

and obscure band



Like Samson, I was cut off from my locks,

Like Job – I dressed in sackcloth.


Was I an offering?


All I know

 is that I wanted

confirmation from

the Almighty

that He was love

 and I

was eligible

for a fraction.


On moodier days,


He’d abandoned me altogether

like a fickle boyfriend,

brokering a break-up by phone.


My gifts were hardly first fruits,

for I pledged a faith

I could not muster-

bargaining for grace

with broken CDs

and burnt incense.



But then

I met some


Reformers who

reminded me

it’s not a contract, but a gift.

We cannot see it, but we practice

with Kosher wine and

common hymns; robes

that blot out complexions

as much as our transgressions…


It was

a funky gift. And

I may never fully

understand. But

I’ll take it,

take and eat,

and you can, too.



Thought. Light. Dread.

Thought. Light. Dread.

The Narrow Road ~ Guest Contributor, Aubrey Barnes

The Narrow Road ~ Guest Contributor, Aubrey Barnes