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"Agnostics" Guest Contributor, Emily Kingery

"Agnostics" Guest Contributor, Emily Kingery

Matter is flexible, you tell me.

It occupies our furniture,


divides and duplicates in bed

when we touch, when we don’t.


Our fingers play on our own skin.

Our cells split apart and lie dormant,


get flushed down the sink to resurface

somewhere else. I can’t sleep


these days. Even sheep have become

pointless. They bleat stupidly, single file,


collecting gnats in their wool.

That will be us someday, you say.


Someday dirt, someday grass

for the animals. A place for seeds


to grow skyward and branch into fruit

for the children, you say. That is how


we will matter: We will split

when they are hungry, replicate  


and replicate, become immortal

in some progeny’s blood.


Your breath puffs onto my skin

as you snore, and I get up to scrub


raw again, awake with promises

that blur and reshape each night.


I distort the images, you say.

I misuse the eyepiece, there is nothing


there that isn’t there. It still matters.

We matter, you say. Your word


bleats out with each set of hooves

landing hard: Matter. And again: Matter.





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Emily Kingery is an Assistant Professor of English at St. Ambrose University, where she teaches courses in literature, writing, and linguistics. Her work has appeared in various academic and creative publications, including Quercus, SAU’s journal of literary and visual art. She lives in a cozy home, complete with dog and cat, in Davenport, Iowa.

What do you do with the mad that you feel?

What do you do with the mad that you feel?

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