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Ahavah ~ Guest Contributor, Aubrey Barnes

Ahavah ~ Guest Contributor, Aubrey Barnes

I’ve come to the conclusion that

Love ain’t an action, nor a verb as many have heard

‘Cause I’ve seen men

Good God fearing men

Be men fearing God

Keeping men fearing God

Through a theological, convoluted facade thought to be


Their actions don’t equal a quarter fraction of compassion

Just fashioned, like sheep’s wool over wolves’ jackets

Thinking “kill the flesh”, so they become assassins

Saying, “love hurts” just to justify their tactics

Calling individuals infidels

If their walk doesn’t intersection with theirs

I remember when this was my thesis

Passionately holding piety of Peter like a sword

Cutting down antagonists

Believing it was out of love for Jesus

Though that prophet picked up pieces

To heal those wounded by my speeches

So was I defending Jesus

Or just protecting my reason?

Afraid if they bring summer heat

That I’d fall like the season

Forgetting the Divine springs life

For all suffering soul’s winter strife

Love doesn’t look at antagonists and denies them

It opens arms of life, wrapping them around to revive them

Nor does it point out boo boos and tells you to hide them

But points out boo boos, then helps you bind them

I’ve come to the conclusion that

Love ain’t an action, nor a verb as many have heard

I remember when this was my creed

Thinking the only need was to do deeds to be deemed redeemed

And worthy of being seen as a loving being

So I’d place subtle pride upon work

Find joy in making ministries for men and women

While ignoring internal injuries of men and women

Taking delight in building up buildings

While disregarding broken bodies in buildings

Putting service as priority over people

All while doing unto people with my serving

As if my hard toil made up for neglect towards neighbors I reject

Praising diligent speed of locomotive

While paying no heed to the engineer’s motive

You see, if love is an action

It will always make members mimic Martha

Marching ‘round doing a million meaningful yet meaningless missions

When it calls contributors to be Mary

Outwardly still, yet inwardly shifting and shaping soul

To the rhythm of the Spirit’s words

So I’ve come to the conclusion that

Love ain’t an action, nor a verb as many have heard

But an inward movement

Making us more gracious in deeds and words

So why are adjectives added to self-subtracting my real worth?

Making me look at man in mirror

Like a miserable self-portrait

Painting pictures of pessimism

Seeing no worth in worthless

Trading hope for hopeless, taking illness over health

How can I love my neighbor if I have yet to love myself?

If I refuse self-forgiveness, placing it on a shelf

I'll do unto my neighbor as I do unto myself

Maybe love ain’t an emphasis on emotion

Calling us to learn it’s theory

Before putting it in motion

I’m fully convinced

That all my life I’ve been taught

How to paint pictures with pencils

Scribbling upon a God given canvas

With little concern for fine details

Maybe this is why I see marriages rush into holy matrimony

Yet outside force pushes couples to divorce

Maybe this is why she can profess love for God

Yet with same wind blow off her dad and mom

Unwilling to give forgiveness

Maybe this is why I put trust in God’s hands

Yet am skeptical of the pitiful promises of women and men

Slow to call ‘em “brother, sister, or friend”

Maybe love ain’t ‘bout displaying a perfect image

But passionately painfully painting a perfect picture with imperfect tools

Maybe love ain’t an action, nor a verb as many have heard

But an art

Like what Carpentry must’ve been like to Jesus

What the Sistine Chapel must’ve been like to Michelangelo

An entity that calls for our full effort, mind, and attention

Maybe Love is more like an art

Than it is a blueprint.

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Aubrey Kendall Barnes, "Aubs," is many things but well known as poet, emcee, author and speaker. Besides occupying the mic, Aubs has experience in the arena of teaching and leading workshops for those interested in the art of performance poetry. He hopes his art will empower others to embark on their own journey.  

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