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Married to the...

Married to the...

As I sit here


on my fast food fiesta


in the smile of a sincere –

yet swamped cashier,

I am reminded

of why some priests

remain married

to the church.


I will always fight

for my ecclesiastical corner

of God’s green;

hold space

for this place

where my presence

harkens the Holy…



at the ceremonies of seekers,

dreamers who dare

truncate ancient texts;

skeptical of the Apostle Paul’s

marital wisdom.



I will push faithful cynics to consider

the plunge

of baptismal waters, even

when repeatedly they

shrug their shoulders

when asked, “why not?”


It is holy work,

and wholly

I am required. So,


sometimes these vows

sucker-punch the others;

asking more of my life

and care; demanding of my

time and strength.


So I get why

some clerics abstain

from matrimony –

for the Almighty, indeed,

lays his claim.


But blessed be

to those like me-

picking up victuals

for their kin

after a fifteen-minute drive

to a twelve-minute rehearsal,

for the things we do

not because we “have to”

but because the love of God

the communion of saints

and the fellowship of the holy spirit

puts it in us

to want to.


Blessed are they

that have the gall

to be both:

rings of gold around

our fingers, collars on

our necks.


Between 'Order' and 'Chaos' : Faith ~ Guest Contributor, Eleanor Kiel

Between 'Order' and 'Chaos' : Faith ~ Guest Contributor, Eleanor Kiel

Live So God Can Use You

Live So God Can Use You